Holly Wanzer, Attorney

Holly Wanzer, Attorney

Holly Wanzer is a founding attorney of Wanzer Edwards, P.C. where she focuses her practice in family law, including collaborative divorce, family mediation, parenting coordination, appeals and representation of children as a guardian ad litem.

Ms. Wanzer earned her Juris Doctor summa cum laude from the Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law. She graduated magna cum laude from Ball State University, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in English and advertising.

Ms. Wanzer was the founding President of the Board of Directors for the Central Indiana Association of Collaborative Professionals, which provides innovative alternatives to litigating divorce and family law matters, with an emphasis on co-parenting and resolving cases without court intervention. She has presented numerous seminars regarding collaborative law including a two-day basic training for attorneys, mental health practitioners and financial professionals in interdisciplinary collaborative law, an educational teleseminar on Collaborative law for the National Business Institute called “Collaborative Law in Family Law Disputes”, and seminars on the Collaborative family law process for the ICLEF Masters Series program and Indiana State Bar Association’s Solo & Small Firm Conference. She authored the book Introduction to Collaborative Divorce, released by James Publishing in 2014.

Ms. Wanzer is a registered family mediator and trained parenting coordinator providing services to families facing the changing circumstances which accompany dissolution of marriage, custody and parenting time modifications, child support modifications and paternity determinations. Her commitment to the private resolution of family issues, the preservation of positive working relationships within families, and her calm demeanor and sensitivity in the face of emotional challenges make her the ideal choice as a mediator or parenting coordinator for family law matters. Ms. Wanzer is a frequent speaker and presenter on issues involving mediation and mediator ethics.

Ms. Wanzer serves as a guardian ad litem representing the interests of children in courts across central Indiana. She passionately advocates for the best interests of children while at the same time seeking to shield them from the need to personally participate in the legal process.

Ms. Wanzer has been selected as a Super Lawyer by Superlawyers Magazine from 2017-2024. She serves on the Women in Law committee of the Indiana State Bar Association where she has coordinated the Lady Justice program with Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. She teaches bar review courses to recent graduates through the Indianapolis Bar Association Bar Review Course. Ms. Wanzer is a past president of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation which she continues to support as a Distinguished Fellow and Life Fellow. She volunteers her time as a Guardian ad Litem in the Marion County Superior courts and with the Marion County Modest Means Mediation program.


We Don’t Talk – Like At All…

Effective communication between divorced parents is vital for the well-being of their children. When communication breaks down, it can create misunderstandings, confusion, and increased stress for both parents and children. Even if they know that peaceful communication is best, often parents ask, “Do I REALLY need to talk to my ex?” Often a breakdown in communication is caused by lingering resentment, unresolved conflicts, or differences in parenting styles. Also, personal emotions, such as anger, hurt, or frustration, can make communication tough. If you’re still hurting from a breakup or the reasons for your split are showing up in your co-parenting [...]

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Should You Appeal?

Deciding whether to pursue an appeal in a family law case in Indiana, or any jurisdiction, is a big decision that should be carefully considered. Here are some situations in which a family law client in Indiana might consider an appeal: Legal Errors or Misinterpretation of Law: If there are clear and significant errors in the trial court’s application or interpretation of the law, it may be grounds for an appeal. This could include the court misapplying statutes, precedents, or other legal principles. Procedural Errors: If there were errors in the trial process that may have affected the outcome, such [...]

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Indiana Child Support Guideline Amendments

On January 1, 2024, the Indiana Child Support Guidelines amendment, which was released in October 2023, will go into effect.  Some may say that amendments to the Guidelines are long overdue as the economic data on which the pre-2024 Guidelines are based is from 1972-73.  Updated data and methodology have been utilized to amend the calculation.  In addition, some of the specific terms of are changing.  Here is a brief overview of the major changes: Parenting Time Credit Pre-2024 versions of the Child Support Guidelines have not effectively dealt with the reality that not all children in a family necessarily [...]

By |December 1st, 2023|Child Support, Divorce|

The Greek Chorus

Did you ever read a Greek drama in English class?  If so, you are probably familiar with the Greek Chorus.  The Greek Chorus is a group of actors who stand off to the side of the action near the edge of the stage.  While they never participate in the action of the play itself, they provide frequent narration and comment on what other characters are going through.  The Greek Chorus has been known to judge, suggest or comment negatively on the action occurring near them even though they experience none of the consequences. If you are going through a divorce [...]

By |October 1st, 2023|Divorce|
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