Post Divorce

Post Divorce

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Following a divorce, while property issues remain finalized and not subject to change, child-related issues can change throughout the child’s life until he or she reaches adulthood. It is rare for parties to divorce with children and never modify their divorce decree regarding the children, as the needs of the children will undoubtedly change between the time they are 3 years of age and in daycare and when they are graduating from college at age 22.

A parent who previously travelled for work may take a new position which allows for more parenting time. Parents may decide that the high school where Dad’s house is located is a better fit for the child than where Mom’s house is located. Mom may lose her job and find a new career out of state. A child may decide to remain home for college rather than going away. A child may turn 19 years of age and become emancipated for child support purposes. No two families will have the same set of circumstances, and they can and will change from time to time. Each family needs its own solution tailored to the specific needs of the parents and children. Wanzer Edwards, PC attorneys will work to achieve the best possible positive outcome for both sides, and everything in between.

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