There’s no doubt that legal fees are not a preferred way to spend family resources. The cost of services is always a concern for every client. Because each client’s needs and situation are different, it is not possible to predict the cost of an individual case, and there is no such thing as a “typical” case. Attorneys at Wanzer Edwards, PC maintain an active dialogue with clients about the costs at each step of the legal process.

Wanzer Edwards offers payment options for the convenience of clients:

  1. Advance Fee: Clients who elect to pay an “advance fee” (also called a retainer) deposit funds into a special account at Wanzer Edwards and agree that those funds can be used to meet their attorney fees and out of pocket expenses. The amount of the initial deposit is based upon the complexity of the case. If the advance fee fund is depleted, the client would replenish it. If the case concludes and funds remain in the advance fee account, the client is refunded any unused funds. The amount of the advance fee is not a prediction of the cost of the case, as each individual case could be less or more.
  2. Pay As You Go: Clients who elect to pay each invoice as it occurs can do so by placing a credit card on file and authorizing Wanzer Edwards to charge the amount of each invoice. This provides flexibility for clients who do not want to pay an advance fee at the start of representation.
  3. Payment Assistance. Some clients obtain the assistance of a family member or friend to pay legal expenses. If someone other than the client will be responsible for paying legal fees, the family member or friend providing assistance will enter an agreement with Wanzer Edwards and can elect either the Advance Fee or Pay As You Go option. The client will have the option to share detailed invoices with the family member or friend providing assistance, but this is not required.

Payment options include cash, check, and credit cards.