Child Support Modifications

Child Support Modifications

Child Support Modifications2021-05-10T10:40:03-04:00

Just because a Court has issued a Child Support Order does not mean it will stay the same throughout the child’s life until he or she reaches adulthood. A change in circumstances such as a job loss, increased salary, a child no longer needing work-related childcare, a child going to college, or a change in the parenting time schedule can all impact the child support obligation. The parties’ child support order should reflect those changes.

Child Support can be modified in Indiana – depending on the facts of the case – all the way up to the point that the child is emancipated. It is important to get clear legal advice regarding a modification so that the child has the financial support of both parents. Wanzer Edwards, PC family law attorneys have extensive experience modifying child support orders, whether in cases following a divorce or following establishment of paternity.

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