Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination2021-04-15T13:21:07-04:00

Every day parenting is full of decisions – some minor and some major. Some parents need help managing their co-parenting relationships as they face those decisions. Going to Court every time there is a disagreement between parents over day-to-day issues can be expensive and time-consuming. It can take a court weeks, if not months, to schedule a time for parents to discuss their disagreements, which makes it hard to solve day-to-day conflict.

When parenting has the tendency to become a battleground, a Parenting Coordinator (“PC”) can help. A PC is appointed by the court to assist both parents in coming to agreements that are in their children’s best interests, without taking those disagreements to the Judge. A PC is a specially trained professional who can help schedule parenting time and assist parents with communication without the need for expensive court proceedings. Meetings with a PC are scheduled according to the parents’ needs and schedules. While a PC is NOT a judge or a custody evaluator, a PC can help to mediate disputes and – in some circumstances – make decisions regarding the children to help break the tie between the parties. Wanzer Edwards offers parenting coordination services for parents experiencing difficulty working together.

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