Wanzer Edwards: An Introduction

How Do You Choose the Right Attorney?

How Much Will Your Case Cost?

Can You Have Your Spouse Pay Your Legal Fees?

Do You Have to Go to Court to Resolve Your Case?

Can You Change Your Court Order?

What is Mediation and Do You Need a Lawyer to Participate?

What is Arbitration?

What is Parenting Coordination?

What is Collaborative Law?

How Long Does Divorce Take?

How Can You Have a Peaceful Divorce?

If Your Spouse Cheated Does that Impact Your Divorce?

Does it Matter Whose Name is on Property?

Can Your Children Ever Decide Where They Want to Live?

What Should You Consider When Deciding on a Parenting Plan?

How Do Holidays Affect the Regular Parenting Time Schedule?

Is Parenting Time Different in the Summer Than During the School Year?

What is Grandparent Visitation?

How is Child Support Calculated?

What Does Child Support Cover?

Are You Required to Pay for College?

When Should You Consider a Prenuptial Agreement?

When Is a Guardianship Needed?