When the court has made an order that you think is wrong, you have the right and ability to challenge that order in a higher court.

In Indiana, when a trial court issues an order in your family law case it can be challenged in the Indiana Court of Appeals. Even though all orders can be appealed, not all orders should be appealed.

In order to present a good case for appeal, your family law order must be based on a legal mistake by the court. That means that the court made an error perhaps by using the wrong legal standard, admitting or denying evidence at trial or some other mistake which impacted the outcome or violated your Constitutional rights.

Deciding whether you have a good case for appeal usually involves the help of a lawyer who understands legal errors and can give you honest advice about your case. If you think you may want to appeal, it is crucial to move quickly.

There are strict deadlines for all appeals and waiting too long can eliminate your ability to challenge an order.

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