Don’t Wait for a Court Date. . . Arbitrate

There is a cost associated with hiring an arbitrator, but it is similar to that of a mediator with additional time for the drafting of an order.  However, the time spent may be well worth it for the convenience and ability to select the right person to hear the pending family law issues, and the speed at which a resolution will be received.

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Help Me Help You: How to Help Your Family Law Mediator Help You Settle Your Client’s Family Law Matter

Most family law cases will end up seeing the inside of a mediator’s office at some point.  Love it or hate it, mediation is required in many counties and can even be a prerequisite to getting a trial date.  Whether you have a full day mediation scheduled or are taking a case to a Marion County Modest Means mediation with a three-hour limit, there are ways to make it more likely that your client’s case will settle. 

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