You Can Be Right, or You Can Be Done

When clients are struggling with the emotional and financial toll of litigation, I tell them, “You can be right, or you can be done.” Sometimes, being done means reaching an agreement with their former spouse that may not include every single thing that was desired in a divorce settlement but means getting all of what’s really important. It means accepting a bit less than the ideal outcome. The truth is that asking the court to make a decision could result in an order that no one likes and everyone spends more money to get there.  Resolving the case with a settlement agreement may mean taking less than the ideal solution but eliminates the risk that the solution determined by the court is far worse than what could have been negotiated.

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Simple Tips for Managing Your Divorce

When family law clients are facing a divorce, they frequently feel overwhelmed and as though things are happening outside of their control. Especially concerning can be the fear of large attorney fees. How can a new client help to take charge of representation and manage expenses? Here are our top six tips to help!

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