Deciding whether to pursue an appeal in a family law case in Indiana, or any jurisdiction, is a big decision that should be carefully considered. Here are some situations in which a family law client in Indiana might consider an appeal:

  1. Legal Errors or Misinterpretation of Law: If there are clear and significant errors in the trial court’s application or interpretation of the law, it may be grounds for an appeal. This could include the court misapplying statutes, precedents, or other legal principles.
  2. Procedural Errors: If there were errors in the trial process that may have affected the outcome, such as the judge improperly admitting or excluding evidence, it may be possible to have the court’s order overturned on appeal.
  3. Abuse of Discretion: If the trial court judge made decisions that are outside the scope of the court’s legal authority, an appeal could correct this kind of error or create the need for a new trial.
  4. Constitutional Issues: If your constitutional rights were violated during the proceedings, such as issues related to due process or equal protection, an appeal may be warranted.

It’s important that you talk with an experienced appellate attorney to evaluate the specific circumstances of your case and determine whether there are valid grounds for an appeal. Appeals are complex legal processes, and success often depends on having a strong legal argument supported by relevant case law and statutes.

Additionally, there are usually strict deadlines for filing appeals, so it’s crucial to act promptly if considering this course of action.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Wanzer Edwards as soon as the order is received to discuss your legal options.

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Holly Wanzer Attorney
Ms. Wanzer is a founding attorney of Wanzer Edwards, P.C. where she focuses her practice in family law and divorce, including collaborative law, family mediation, parenting coordination, appeals and representation of children as a guardian ad litem. Ms. Wanzer earned her Juris Doctor summa cum laude from the Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law. She graduated magna cum laude from Ball State University, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in English and advertising.