Simple Tips for Managing Your Divorce

When family law clients are facing a divorce, they frequently feel overwhelmed and as though things are happening outside of their control. Especially concerning can be the fear of large attorney fees. How can a new client help to take charge of representation and manage expenses? Here are our top six tips to help!

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Pitfalls of the Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Hiring an attorney can feel like an expensive endeavor. Many couples take advantage of the self-service forms available online to avoid what they see as the unnecessary expense of legal help. While this may work for some, the “check the box” forms cannot possibly fit all possible situations and may result in heartache, headache, and more expense later.

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Only a Judge can Judge You . . . Not Your Parenting Coordinator

Frequently, the Parenting Coordinators (“PCs”) of Wanzer Edwards are asked to help parents participating in the parenting coordination process to enforce court orders, or to punish the other parent for failing to follow the order. While we sympathize with parents in those situations who may be at their wits-end, a PC does not have the authority to enforce a court order.

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Do I Need a GAL or a PC?

If you are or have been involved in litigation with a co-parent, you may have considered whether to use the services of a Guardian Ad Litem or Parenting Coordinator.  Most likely these roles are new to you, and it can sometimes be hard to tell what the difference is between them.  If you feel like you need some help with parenting-related questions or tasks, which professional do you need?

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