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Love Don’t Cost a Thing . . . But Child Support Does

Under the new amendment to the law, if child turns 19 years of age and is still attending high school on a full-time basis, he or she would not be emancipated, and as such, weekly child support payments would continue.  The support would continue to be paid until and terminate only when the child graduates from high school (or there is another reason to emancipate the child such as marriage or joining the military).

2020-03-05T14:01:12-05:00March 5th, 2020|Child Support, Wanzer Edwards News|

Should You Call the Police?

If you have ever arrived for a parenting time exchange only to find that the exchange will not be taking place, you know that it is a frustrating thing.  Inevitably, in your moment of frustration you have considered what action you can take to make the scheduled parenting time exchange happen.  When considering your options, you may have thought about calling the police.  But should you?

2020-02-13T18:55:26-05:00February 13th, 2020|Parenting Coordination, Wanzer Edwards News|